Business Coaching  

Do you want help to make a step change in the performance of your business? 
Do you have all the tools to deliver the success you want? 
Do you and your team have the confidence and experience to tackle the challenges your business faces? 
I may be able to help. 
I have a track record in helping CEO’s and their teams to make a Step Change in their business performance. 
Over 40 years I have helped over 100 businesses produce results beyond expectations – have a look at some of my success stories. 
My Toolkits can help you create the results you want. 
I can introduce you to successful business people who will share their experiences. 
Typical projects: 
Improving margins 
Reducing costs 
Partnering with customers and suppliers 
Improving efficiency 
Changing culture 
Preparing businesses for sale 
The projects develop the people as well as the business and leaves valuable learning behind. 
Coaching Success Stories 
I have found David’s experience to be invaluable in the support he has given me and the team. He provided invaluable guidance in developing and delivering our strategy whilst unlocking our potential as individuals and as a team. I am proud to say David is an adviser to our business and I regard him as a friend. 
Rob Daysley. Owner and CEO 
MKM Building Supplies 
David delivered his Step Change programme to all 54 of our branch directors and when the penny dropped the results were staggering with improved sales and profitability. 
David Kilburn, Executive Chairman 
DB Shenker 
I’ve worked with David several times over the years. He has the uncanny knack of turning the seemingly complex, head in the hands problems into something that is simple and solvable. His vast business experience, relaxed approach and knowing when to support and when to drive you always delivers results. Telling Tales is an invaluable source of both David’s and forty plus business leaders experiences-people who have been there and done it. 
Geoff Spencer, former CEO 
Brockelsby Ltd 
Several years ago your advice and your Toolkits helped us grow from grow from a small to a medium sized business c.50 people. Your Step change approach and candid input made attending your sessions a real joy. The mantras like’ Let go to Grow’ ,Work on the business ‘and ‘Get the right people on the bus,’ enabled me to get the right mindset to grow my business. I am delighted to see you have included these ideas in your new book, which I will dip into from time to time to make sure I stay on track.’ 
Rob Daysley. Owner and CEO 
My purpose: to help business to succeed 
My Ways of Working: 
Step 1 is always to determine whether we (both parties) want to work together. 
Next is the diagnostic process to get to the real issues. 
Finding the talent within to bring fresh thinking and new energy to the issues. 
Facilitate Working ON the business to make Step Changes in performance. 
Providing the Tools to deliver success. 
Sharing the lessons from others to create similar successes. 
Encouraging Leaders to Let go to Grow. 
Leave learning not dependency behind. 
When these principles are followed it normally produces results beyond expectations. 
Get in Touch 
There are limited spaces for coaching clients.  
Call me on 07710 914 171 for an initial discussion 
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