The 10 things business leaders learn too late! 
The lessons that I learned, over 40 years, helping businesses, may help your business avoid the same pitfalls and navigate the Covid crisis. 
1 - They develop a long-term strategy based on their core strengths and their customers’ requirements which provides focus and direction for everybody in the business. 
2 - They work actively ON the business to adapt to current challenges. 
3 - They ensure they have the right people on the bus doing, the right things and the wrong people off it. They hire people who share their values but complement their skills. 
4 - They treat everybody, customers, colleagues and investors with dignity and respect. This is non-negotiable. 
5 - They have a clear set of values which they personally champion to ensure they get the culture that serves the business. 
6 - They ‘let go to grow,’ delegating to colleagues. This enables them to fulfil their own role. 
7 - They have a commercial mindset, understanding where the opportunities are to make and lose money. 
8 - They engage in mutually beneficial partnering with customers and suppliers. 
9 - They maintain their entrepreneurial approach, recognising the dangers of becoming a bureaucratic, corporate organisation. 
10 - They communicate with their people regularly and honestly to inspire them to go the extra mile. 
Can these lessons be learned by others? 
In my new book Telling Tales you will discover the 45 business leaders who used my 10 Toolkits and revitalised their businesses. 
You can get Telling Tales from Amazon and transform your business. Boom! 
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