I have been a homeworker by choice for 25 years. I run my management consultancy practice from my home office ‘Cowshed HQ’, which is in my garden. 
Here are some of the lessons I have learned working from home, that might help you to survive, prosper and stay sane! 
1 - Get ready – shower, dress, eat breakfast – every morning, as if you are going out to work. Otherwise you might still be in my PJs at lunchtime. 
2 - Setting work goals for the day gives a sense of achievement when they are delivered. It’s a way of staying focussed and motivated. 
3 - My mind is most creative first thing in the morning so that is when I do the important and innovative stuff. Admin and routine calls can be dealt with later in the day. You may have a different work pattern so work out what it is and stick to it. 
4 - Playing loud music in my home office, particularly if I am concentrating – Dire Straits, usually helps me to stay focussed. Try it and see if it helps you (maybe not Dire Straits). 
5 - Work at the same desk or table, every day, it helps keeps you business-minded. 
6 - When you are really focussed and 'in the zone', time goes at a much faster pace: ‘Wow! is it that time already?’ 
7 - I have found going for a fast walk every day, helps clear the mind. 
8 - Separating home from office, in the garden, keeps space between work and family. 
9 - Deal with things immediately don’t put things off, they pile up and start to stress you. 
10 - Don’t keep doing a bit at any time, day or night, separate work time and home / family time, otherwise you never leave work and can become stale. 
There are a few potential downsides to homeworking: 
1 - Nobody handy to bounce ideas off, or to provide another perspective. 
2 - No social chat or anybody to bounce ideas off. 
3 - Zooming is okay but…. 
My solution is to keep up regular contact visiting clients or via phone and Zoom. I like working from home. Billy no mates! 
Maybe not everybody will take to home working but try these ideas they have worked for me. 
You can discover how 45 business people, stay focussed and productive, in my new book Telling Tales available from Amazon. 
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