10 Ways business owners have stayed sane (almost) through the pandemic. 
I asked several business owners how they have coped during the past 9 months. Here are some of their strategies: 
1 - Upped their daily exercise level and got fitter. 
2 - Meditated twice a day for 20 minutes. 
3 - Adopted the mantra: ‘Failure is not an option’ 
4 - Spent more quality time with their family. 
5 - Learnt a new skill e.g. play the guitar, cooking new recipes, are examples. 
6 - Delegated more and shared the load with colleagues. 
7 - Walked in the fresh air every day to clear their heads. 
8 - Planned future exciting family holidays. 
9 - Knocked off jobs at home that have been ‘on the list for ages’. 
10 - Reflected on the good things they have achieved, at the end of each day. 
It’s been about staying positive by doing things and taking control of what they can, so they don’t feel vulnerable or overwhelmed. 
Q: What have you done to stay positive that might be of help to other business owners? Share them with me on David@davidHallUK.com and I will send free copy of my latest book Telling Tales to the best 3 ideas. 
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