10 ways to grow your sales 
Many businesses are currently looking for ways to increase their sales. 
Here are 10 things we have done to help clients improve their sales. 
1 - Step One is to conduct a customer perception survey to discover your strengths and weaknesses, from your customers perspective. No point in boosting sales if you are unknowingly frustrating customers. You will discover things you may need to sort quickly but also strengths you might not be emphasising in your current sales efforts. 
2 - Make looking after your existing customers a priority. If you go the extra mile for them, they will stick with you and may well recommend you to others. You also may be able to nudge up your prices. 
3 - Reduce the ‘feast or famine’ dilemma in sales, by creating a Business Generating System. The Toolkit we developed enabled clients to you sleep easier in their bed knowing they have a pipeline of sales opportunities going forward. 
4 - Analyse where your new sales leads have come from i.e. telemarketing, mailshots, website etc and scale that up. Also consider researching how your successful competitors create their sales. Consider experimenting with other low cost methods of generating sales opportunities. 
5 - Ask potential customers: ‘How can I help?’ This is how entrepreneurs grow businesses; they find a customer problem, solve it, and then sell the solution to others. Much more effective then heavy selling. 
6 - Review your website and social media channels. Are they working for you in supporting your brand and your sales efforts? 
7 - In most businesses to business selling Sign poster Networking has proven to be a very effective way to create sales. Sign posters are individuals who are well connected and respected by your potential customers and if you build a relationship with them, they can introduce you to new prospects, with their blessing. A quick win can be gained by asking a satisfied customer ‘who else should I be talking to?’ 
8 - Seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships with key customers and retainers; much more effective than transactional selling. 
9 - Increase sales using the turnover drivers. There are six ways that businesses use to increase sales, including for example, cross selling and improving conversion rates. These require focus and a process, to work effectively. 
10 - Make it easier for customers buy from you. Personally walk through your sales and marketing systems and identify and remove any blockages and disconnects. 
If you need to boost your sales have a go at some of these approaches. They have worked well for others. 
Many of these solutions are included in my new book Telling Tales: lessons from a lifetime helping businesses succeed. Available from Amazon. 
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