The game has changed, the rules have gone and that’s why we’re using our slot at Humber Business Week to look at how to conquer chaos. 
If we’d gone for a standard business event everybody would have been talking about the elephant in the room – the chaos caused by Covid and now a war. The subject picked itself and so did the guests. 
I’ll be joined by Paul Sewell, Chair of Sewell Group, and Rob Daysley, MD of Designs Signage Solutions because I know exactly what they are capable of – they’ve shown me when I’ve worked with them, and they’ve shown their teams by thriving in adversity. 
Rob admits he gets bored when things are going too smoothly. He likes business on the edge. 
Paul has made the hugely important point that however well we might think we’ve done in combating chaos, it’s not over. 
When Covid has cleared and the war is over will we still be battling against higher energy costs and disruptive supply chain problems. And what next? Could chaos become the “new normal”. Have the last two years taught us how to prepare for that? 
We know our guests will energise the room and we hope that will attract people who will respond in the same way. It will be a high-powered, dynamic event, not scripted but off the cuff, and the rest is largely up to you. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and that’s what we’re going to do – open up the room to entrepreneurs and light the blue touch paper! 
“Succeeding in Chaos – How Entrepreneurs do it” will take place in the 1904 Lounge at the MKM Stadium in Hull as part of Humber Business Week from 11am until midday on Monday 6 June 2022. 
Admission is free of charge. To register below: 
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