‘Failure isn’t an option’ 
This comment captures the attitude of entrepreneurs who have not only survived, but thrived, during these difficult times. This drive and resilience is truly inspirational. 
So how is it that some thrive, and others wilt, in a crisis? 
How can YOU emulate the way the successful think and behave? 
The theory goes back to cave man times. When threatened, people either fought or ran - Fight or Flight. So if failure is not an option, staying and fighting is their default position. 
Many successful entrepreneurs are highly motivated by moving away from failure or problems. It’s a key driver of their behaviour. Mine was the look on my mother’s face, when I told her I had failed my eleven plus. I was determined to prove to her I was okay, Mum has been dead for 20 years, but I am still trying to prove to her, I am not a failure! 
Another drive comes from having a Compelling vision, something you are desperate to deliver. I worked with a doctor who, having witnessed the dreadful affects of a skin disease in Africa came back to the UK determined to find a cure. It remains his passion and he is still focussed on it 10 years later! 
Entrepreneurs who believe failure is not an option are driven to succeed. 
How do you harness that drive to help you? 
You need to find your inner driver. Is it moving away from a negative experience for example as one entrepreneur said, ‘I have been poor, and I am NOT going to be poor again!’ 
Or do you have a vision that excites you enough to work on it 24/7 for however long it takes? 
Without finding and leveraging your driver you are less likely to succeed. So find your driver and when the going gets tough, play it like a video, to help you keep going, with a positive belief that it’s worth it. 
Is that it? 
No there is another important factor. Successful entrepreneurs have a Growth Mindset; they relish change and new challenges, accepting and managing the risks. 
People with a Fixed Mindset believe they can’t affect things so might as well stay as we are; you can hear them saying ‘It is as it is…’ 
The good news is if you change the way you think you CAN change your Mindset. 
I have discovered working with entrepreneurs the way they think and behave are critical factors in their success. 
So find and unleash your driver, change your Mindset, and in these difficult times failure need not be an option. 
What’s been your experience? What’s your driver? Let me know what you think. 
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