My purpose for 40 years has been to help businesses to succeed. I do this by working closely with business owners and CEO’s acting as a consultant, coach and confident, to help them make a Step Change in their business performance. 
The first step in the process is to determine whether we (both parties) want to work together. This usually involves a conversation, these days remotely or, in normal times, face to face. It’s critical that the client is committed to the project and is willing to take it seriously if it is going to deliver the results they seek. 
The client normally has their own concerns. Can I trust this guy? What’s his track record? I can normally help with this last concern, by connecting them with other businesses owners I have previously helped. 
If the client wishes to proceed, we agree the scope, scale, fee and timescale for the project, normally 6 months, meeting fortnightly for half a day. Latterly this has been done via Zoom. We then get any concerns both parties have on the table and deal with them at the outset. 
In most projects we establish or reaffirm the long term strategy of the business. What’s the end game: more profitable; sales growth; becoming more productive; preparing for a sale or something else? Once agreed then the hurdles in delivering the strategy that need to be addressed can be identified and prioritised. 
My diagnostic process ensures we get the facts about the issues, so we deal with causes not just effects. This process varies dependant on the project aims but normally there are 3 priorities to address. Typically, these can include, reviewing whether they have the right people on the bus in the right roles, finding out how their customers see them, reviewing their key processes like buying or pricing or their business generating system. 
One way to help clients make more money is to stop losing it and this review usually identifies major cost saving opportunities. 
We identify leaders for the 3 projects. We look for the internal entrepreneurs or talent within the business, based on a set of well-established criteria. This brings fresh thinking and new energy to the issues. 
I then take the role of facilitator, working with the project leaders, helping them to work ON removing the obstacles to progress. There is a process to help them do this well. We meet regularly to ensure momentum is maintained. 
I provide Toolkits, to help the project leaders get the job done. 
Sometimes it has been very helpful to introduce the project leaders to other clients who have sorted the problems they face. In 40 years I have seen or usually seen or sorted most of the typical problems. This enables them to create quality solutions much more quickly. 
Part of the process is developing the project leaders as they go on the journey and ensuring the learning stays with the organisation, so they can do it all again by themselves. 
Finally we celebrate success and reward the project leaders. 
When these steps are followed diligently the business always produces Results Beyond Expectations
Sometimes clients say, ‘This is common sense’ usually after we have created the success they wanted… my mentor Gerard Egan suggested that we should be we should rename it RARE sense as we don’t come across it very often! 
As in many things: It’s not what you do it’s the WAY that you do it that’s what gets results. 
Call me on 07710 914171 for an initial no commitment discussion or take a look at my coaching page. 
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