Is your culture an asset or a liability? 
If it’s an asset, your team will be delivering the performances, you want, particularly when no one is looking or checking. Your business will be delighting your customers consistently. Your business objectives will be being achieved. Happy days! 
If you are not currently enjoying these benefits, then you might want to build a winning culture. 
You get culture by design -one you want- or by default-one you usually don’t want. 
Here is how to build a winning culture: 
1 - Gather 3 or 4 trusted colleagues and explain you are going to build a culture together as a team. 
2 - Brainstorm the 5 or 6 values your business aspires to e.g. 
Treat people with dignity and respect. 
Partnering with customers and suppliers. 
Manage the business with integrity. 
Team working-no silos. 
3 - Share your agreed values with other colleagues and ask them to identify what are the key In behaviours and the Out behaviours for each value. This ensures engagement and ownership by your colleagues’ and brings the values to life for people. 
4 - Communicate the values and behaviours to all colleagues, in the business. Make sure you champion them yourself, ‘walk the walk’, and insist they are non- negotiable. 
5 - Check that the values are being adhered to by all. If you keep at it for 12 to 18 months, your culture will become ‘Just the way we do things here’ Boom! 
This may seem a lot of work but believe me it’s worth it. For many of my clients building their preferred culture provided competitive advantage. 
Terry Bramall former owner of Keepmoat my top client for 38 years: ‘If accountants were smarter, they would put our culture on our balance sheet, it’s our greatest asset’. 
You will find my full Toolkit, Crafting Culture, in my book, ‘Telling Tales’ pp251-257. 
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