Telling Tales is a compilation of the experiences of forty four entrepreneurial leaders of SME businesses, with step by step toolkits to help you replicate their successes and avoid expensive mistakes. 
Entrepreneurs are inspired by the tales of other entrepreneurs. They recognise aspects of themselves and their energy and self-belief are reignited. Inspiring others is the focus and purpose of this book – particularly relevant now as businesses struggle to recover from the Covid19 nightmare. 
These tales provide valuable lessons, told in the way that entrepreneurs prefer to learn - from those who have been there and done it. 
Over more than four decades I have helped clients to develop their businesses, analysed what they do and shared this with others. 
So, what do successful entrepreneurs do differently? 
Typically, they: 
• create a compelling vision to provide focus and direction for their actions 
• revitalise and reinvent their businesses using the step change process 
'let go to grow' by delegating and focussing on removing the barriers to progress 
• mobilise a runner to drive down costs 
• engage in partnering by building mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers 
• actively use the 'working ON the business' process to become much more effective 
'get the right people on the bus’ - and the wrong people off it, quickly! 
Regrettably, there will always be businesses who don't succeed. In Telling Tales I have changed their names and details but have included their stories because they also provide valuable lessons – how not to do it! 
Telling Tales does not have a traditional chapter structure. It consists of forty four Tales of business owners, who share their stories, warts and all. 
There are 10 summary pieces, pulling together some of the key insights. Finally there are ten 'Toolkits', used by successful businesses to address their key challenges. The concept of the book is that the Tales create the inspiration, and the Toolkits provide the process for you to create similar success. 
If you want to develop your business, then Telling Tales may help you. 
Right, crack on. 
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