If you want to get your business geared up for 2021, I may be able to help. 
In 2002 I hired a coach to the American Olympic team to help me to research successful entrepreneurial behaviour. He told me the difference between the gold medal winners and the rest, was not down to training, diet or physique it was all in the mind. Gold medal winners thought and behaved differently than everybody else. 
I have discovered that is the same in business. Winners think and behave differently. 
Here is what they do. 
1 - They have Vision for success in X years’ time. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Why does it matter? 
When the going gets tough they use their Vision keep motivated. Keep your eyes on the prize! 
2 - Winners create Goal Directed Energy adopting a mantra like ‘Failure is not an option’. ‘Now’s good’ and JFDI are two more common winning mantras that help stay focussed. 
3 - Winners welcome change and new challenge’s, they have a Growth Mindset: valuing both the success and learning. The good news is that if you change your mind you can change your mindset. People with a Fixed Mindset avoid change and challenge -‘It is as it is and that’s it’ 
4 - They never get stuck because they are ‘Options Thinkers’; Plan A didn’t work so on to plan B that didn’t work let’s try Plan C …. Eureka! 
Procedural thinkers need a process to guide them. If the process fails, they are stuck. 
5 - Winners are naturally Inquisitive and committed to learning. To get ahead of the game they ask, who does this best in the world; and then learn from their experiences. 
The good news is that these behaviours can be learnt. My most successful clients were all winners. 
Good luck in 2021 call me if you need help. 
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