Telling Tales - The Book 
Telling Tales: Lessons from a lifetime of helping business to succeed. 
Forty entrepreneurial clients share their inspirational business stories. 
10 Toolkits enable you to replicate their success. 
A book for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. 
Here’s a taster: 
What do Successful entrepreneurs do differently, that does not appear in traditional business books? 
Revitalise their businesses using the Step Change process. 
Let go to Grow by delegating and focussing on their strategic priorities 
Mobilise a Runner to drive down costs. 
Engage in Partnering, with customers and suppliers. 
Use the Working ON the Business approach to drive change. 
Get the right People on the Bus and the wrong people off it- quickly. 

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Delighted to see another brilliant publication from Prof David Hall. 
Although David has an academic title, truly deserved, he really is a ‘pracademic’. David has not only created and sold a successful business but has been the adviser/counsel/mentor/trainer to hundreds of other businesses in his career, forty plus of these stories he shares in ‘Telling Tales'. This book is brimming with case studies: highlighting both the highs and lows of setting up and running a business and the learning that comes from this. Many stories and lessons learned are offered in this book, in an easy to read style, along with 10 DIY toolkits, to enable the reader to learn from their own experience and, importantly, how to put things into practice. David brings things to life with his ‘tales’ which enable the reader to understand how it might relate to them and importantly, how to take action. To me, this is the true value of the book. David is a management magician, Yoda for many of his clients. This is an essential book for anyone who wishes to grow their business successfully. Congratulations David on yet another truly insightful and practical offering. 
Dinah Bennett. OBE. Director 
International Consultants for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise 

Why you should read this book 

Access to the experiences of 40 entrepreneurs who have been there and done it. The inspiration to help you make a step change in your business. Road maps to show you how to do it. Practical proven solutions to solve your business problems. 

Praise for Telling Tales 

‘This is a great book - if I had read it earlier it would have made a massive difference to my career’.  
Thomas. G. Martin. Arco Ltd. 
‘David is truly a messiah for successful entrepreneurs’  
Jagadish Shenoy. Executive Vice President. Edelweiss Financial Services Mumbai. 
‘It’s a cracking read.’  
Paul Sewell, Chairman, The Sewell Group. 
‘Telling Tales is invaluable resource for any entrepreneur looking to grow their business.’  
Sally Wray. Owner. GoHire 

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